Meditation Is a Terrible Way to Relax

The way most people come across meditation is they’re looking for a way to relax. The problem is that it’s not a relaxation technique. If you begin by expecting nothing but calm and comfort, you’re in for a shock.Is it relaxing?Sure, usually.Will it reduce your tendency to get stressed in the first place?Definitely.But so will reading, jogging, exercising, feeling gratitude…Meditation works on deep levels of your mind. It expands your consciousness by bringing suppressed thoughts into your awareness. Unlike what Freudians will tell you, not everything that’s suppressed is a bad thing. Expanding your consciousness gives you greater control over your thinking.

Relaxation is a side effect.So if your main reason to meditate is to feel calmer, you’d better be prepared for the rest of it.Now, I will say that not everyone will experience this. Some people meditate for years and only feel a light, pleasant relaxation. If that’s all they want, then good for them.But most meditators reach the stage where they break through to something new. It’s like opening a door in your house that you never noticed and finding a ballroom on the other side.This is wonderful. The only word that comes close, for me, is transcendence. A wave of new thoughts, memories, experiences and perspectives floods your mind.It is sublime. This epiphany enriches every corner of your mind.This is why I started meditating in the first place. I kept running into barriers in my life. A major one in my teenage years was that I was irritable, even angry.Every day, some trivial experience would get under my skin and make me lash out. (Verbally.)I didn’t like who I was, so I turned to meditation.Thank goodness I did, because it expanded what I was capable of. In every moment, I had choice. Yes, I could get angry. Or I could feel happy or calm. The options were mine.This is transcendence – realising that there’s an easy way around the problems in your mind.

Most of your problems disappear when you stop doing X and start doing Y. That’s easier to say then do… until you expand what your consciousness is capable of.But if you’re meditating to relax and suddenly your mind blooms…Well, it freaks some people out. Not because it’s bad but because it’s intense and unexpected.They just wanted to chill out – they never signed on for becoming enlightened.If this happens to you, you have two options:Stop meditating. If you want to relax, take up knitting or something.Or keep meditating. Take care and take it slow as you integrate these new avenues into your mind.One feels good. The other is like gaining superpowers.

They May Feel New, But Beginnings Actually Develop Organically

The new and the old might seem like opposites — so different as to not even be connected.

But the reality is actually not like that at all.

In fact, our beginnings and endings are so intertwined that, to see them as separate is fundamentally distorting.

So, here’s something to think about…
The French poet and philosopher Paul Valéry wrote:

“Every beginning is a consequence – every beginning ends some thing.”

I love this thought because it illuminates time’s finiteness and turns the idea of “new beginnings” on its head. He doesn’t say those beginnings aren’t new, but Valéry aptly points out that beginnings are inextricably connected to what came before.

Beginnings come from work and preparation. And sometimes they come from the choices that you make after a mistake.

New beginnings are organic.
This is very grounding and empowering. New beginnings are organic, not magical. The seeds you’ve planted and the soil that you plant them in — these are all within your power to affect.

That’s not to say that new beginnings don’t often feel miraculous. They do – and it’s a wonderful feeling. But they don’t come from nowhere.

Moving toward spring…
Springtime bulbs poking up through the soil are a good example. How magical does it feel to see their green shoots in early April?

Yet each shoot is the consequence of activities that took place months – or even years – before. And there is an ending here, as well, because as bulbs spring up and come to flower, they leave behind their months of dormancy and move, in a burst of beauty, toward their endings.

So, how do you see YOUR beginnings?
Do you see the consequences and the endings there? How does that enrich your sense of your own movement through time and life?

I invite you to share a comment here – I’d love to hear what you think.

Let’s explore time together…

Big Dreams Have Small Beginnings

As it is always the case in life, you must get the fact that big dreams have small beginnings and start from an idea or vision. Great moments are born with great opportunities. But it is not your abilities that show who you are; it is your choices and belief. Even if you fail, what better way is there to live?

Do you have big dreams? Are you trying to accomplish or ignore them? Is fear or doubt get in your way? Are you taking the necessary steps each day and moving towards your goals?

When you have wild ideas and visions of what your dreams look like, you often forget that they most likely will not start out looking the way you think. Big dreams have and always start with small steps, in regular increments. As you begin, the things you are doing seem quite mediocre and unimpressive, but you have to start by creating a foundation. And then allow it to grow, develop and evolve.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Big Dreams Are Realistic
You need to notice the thoughts, ideas, and dreams that you have which keep coming up again and again. Do not ignore them or crush them by believing that you are incapable. Big dreams are realistic enough to follow through with them. We all have the power within us to achieve tremendous things.

When you set and keep your sight on the prize, you get higher probabilities of getting there than not. And if you do not always reach the place you wanted, the ride along the journey there makes it worthwhile. Grandiose dreams and goals begin at all times with small thoughts, beliefs or visions.

You are the one concocting such ideas in your mind when you envision, dream and imagine what it would be like if you were to accomplish your goal. And do not get fooled by thinking that you can have the full travel plan figured out. It won’t happen. Big dreams have to begin with a first stride which you have no other choice but to take.

Big Dreams Require Small Steps
So, you have to let yourself begin by getting a small step at first. That is how all successful people start out on the way to success. It is like a blueprint which essentially illustrates that little, tiny, cumulative steps towards a goal have far more power than anything else out there. And so, these small actions have a snowballing effect.

It transforms your big dreams into workable objectives which in turn bring happiness, even if you have to tiptoe some days. Therefore, it all comes down to a simple process that I use which is progress equals happiness. It is simple progress towards my end goals. But it is daily progress.

I really believe in small actions, even if they are just baby steps. But do not be lead astray being so focused on little acts that you forget your big dreams. On the other hand, do not only focus on your grandiose visions that you forget making the small necessary steps. You continually need to have both: a huge dream and small realizable goals to move forward.

Big Dreams Have Small Beginnings
Therefore, I believe in big dreams. But too often, people compare themselves to successful individuals. They look at someone who is precisely doing what they dream of doing, and there is nothing wrong about that. But what is not right is that these same people want to get there right here and now. You have to realize that all successes had small beginnings.

It can be losing weight, starting a business, getting a healthy body, have more confidence or anything else for that matter. Visions that bring abundant rewards take time to build, create, develop, grow and there is a reason for it. Sometimes, it can be challenging to accept small beginnings or to start out from the bottom by learning new skills.

Just as I do, you must battle your inner demons as they can stop you from moving forward. They can destroy your big dreams which might bring you great happiness. Swallow your pride and do not be afraid to begin small. I realize it is somewhat embarrassing, but you must accept that uneasiness. It is merely an essential stage you have to go through so that you can build something that is yours only.

Big Dreams Need Belief
The first step before anybody else believes it is that you have to believe it. No matter how hard or buried it gets, or how lost you feel, you have to promise yourself to hold on to courage, confidence, and belief in your abilities. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what.

To exist is to do, to act regardless of what may happen. So take a stand and do not ever give up, because if you do not, the actions behind the words will bring the big dreams alive. And when you achieve your dreams, it is not so much what you get, but it is who you have become in accomplishing them.

Everybody gets the chance to do something great. But most people never take the opportunity. Either because they are too scared, or they do not recognize it when it spits on their shoes. So create your vision, grab your significant chance and do not let it go by.

The Universe Support Big Dreams
The big dreams and the thoughts you have, or the hope that one day you will be the boss of your successful venture begins with small beginnings. But you have to understand that the journey is long to climb up and arrive where you want to be.

One thing needs to be said though; if you want the power of the universe to support it, your dream, vision, and goal have to be of service to others. You have to solve things that are a benefit not only to you but other living beings as well. Each time I focused on money first, it never worked.

It is the primary key to it all. But it all starts in your mind at first. Big dreams have small beginnings. And it is the buildup of many small steps and actions which move things. It then manifests impressive results and great ideas into physical reality.

Big Dreams Call for Action
You have to take the time to reflect and look inside yourself at big dreams or desires you have pushed aside for so long. Realize that they are not silly and that you might even be great at it. You have to determine the first small beginning you can take to get started. Let go of your fearful thoughts and begin taking action.

So, create and put your big dreams on a vision board. Then ask yourself: what is the small step you need to take to get in the direction of your ideas? Instead of thinking about making 10,000 dollars a month, can you make 500 or 1000 more than you are now? And how can you do it?

The answer is that you have to clear five hundred or a thousand more. Then pass two or five thousand more to get on the way to ten thousand a month. As you can see, you must accomplish it in small steps.

The Last Word on Big Dreams
You have to remember that when you go down the path of your dreams, and somehow decide that it is not for you, you have the right to change the route. All that the universe is asking for is that you have at least tried. But if you decide to keep going, you may need to adjust your sails along the way.

Big dreams always have small beginnings. Therefore, do not let those beautiful ideas and thoughts escape your mind or being pushed aside. Take a good hold of them and bring them to fruition. Be confident and focus on your journey, through bits and pieces. And the process, slowly but surely, will unfold along the way.

So, all you have to do is give it a chance. You need to show the world that it is possible. Start just with one small beginning at a time. Dream big and keep having big dreams!